Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures, The Compensation Plan, and the Terms of Service are Incorporated into the Independent Marketing Associate Agreement:

These Policies and Procedures as presented here and as amended from time to time at the sole discretion of eComelize LLC (hereafter “eComelize” or the “COMPANY”), are incorporated into, and form an integral part of, the eComelize IMA Agreement, Compensation Plan and Terms of Service. Throughout these Policies and Procedures, when the term “Agreement” is used, it collectively refers to the eComelize Associates Application, the eComelize Policies and Procedures, The eComelize Compensation Plan and the eComelize Terms of Service

It is the responsibility of each IMA (herafter “IMA”) to read, understand, adhere to, and ensure that he or she is aware of and operating under the most current version of these Policies and Procedures. When enrolling a new IMA, it is the responsibility of the enrolling IMA to provide the most current version of these Policies and Procedures, the eComelize Terms of Service and the eComelize Compensation Plan to the applicant prior to his or her execution of the Associate Agreement. eComelize LLC reserves the right to change these Policies and Procedures, Terms of Service, Compensation Plan and Marketing Policy at any time.

A. Ethics

The COMPANY conducts business in an ethical and credible manner and requires its IMAs to deal ethically with their customers, with each other and with the COMPANY. The COMPANY permits no unethical or illegal activity and will intercede when such behavior may exist, and the COMPANY reserves the right to use its best judgment in deciding whether certain IMA activities are unethical. Furthermore, the COMPANY may use its own discretion in determining the appropriate course of action. If the COMPANY determines that unethical activities may exist, then it reserves the right to suspend or terminate IMA status, including but not limited to all commissions and payments of any kind. Under no circumstances is an IMA who is terminated for unethical or illegal activity entitled to a refund of their renewal fee, nor are they entitled to sell or transfer their position.

Examples of unethical behavior include but are not limited to the following:

  • Making any false or misleading remarks, statements, innuendos or rumors that may disparage the COMPANY, its products or services, its compensation plan, its employees, its founders or another COMPANY IMA


  • Making any claim regarding the COMPANY’s products that are not found on the COMPANY’s current websites or official, current marketing material
  • Making unapproved income claims or revealing the amount of income you are or have received through the COMPANY or other network marketing opportunities that you may or may not have been involved in currently or previously


  • Directly or indirectly disclosing any information in your back office to a third party other than an official COMPANY authorized employee for the purpose of assisting you with a specific issue that is related to your eComelize IMA role.
  • Use any of the information in your back office or activity report in a manner to influence another eComelize IMA to alter their relationship with the Company in any way


  • Use the information in your back office or activity report to compete with the COMPANY in any way
  • Providing, selling or revealing any customer lists and/or their contact information that appears in your activity report or downline report to a third party. This includes the customer lists and/or their contact information that belongs to the COMPANY or appears in any other IMAs activity report or downline report.


  • Directly or indirectly disclosing the password or other access code to your back office or activity report
  • Use of another person’s credit card without express written permission


  • Forging any signature on any document
  • Any unauthorized use of the COMPANY’s name, logos, photos, videos, trademarks or copyrighted material in any way or fashion


  • Violation of any country, state or federal laws or regulations
  • Competing with the COMPANY’s products or services directly or indirectly through association with another business or through your own personal efforts


  • Aggressive or abusive language, behavior or treatment or any inappropriate behavior toward any COMPANY employee, founder or another COMPANY IMA


The COMPANY does not extend coverage under any of its polices or products to IMAs. If you use your personal property (such as your car or computer, home, etc.) for business use, such property may not be covered for loss or damage.


Cross-line recruiting: An IMA may not solicit an individual or entity that has been previously sponsored by another eComelize IMA (or that is considering joining The COMPANY and being sponsored by another IMAs) to join their eComelize business as their direct enrollee.

The IMA may not solicit an eComelize IMA or entity to join another network marketing opportunity offered by another company during the term of their eComelize IMA role and for a period of one year after unless it is partially owned or officially associated with eComelize, LLC. Violation of this company policy may result in immediate termination.

Cash or Monetary Incentives

The COMPANY strictly prohibits IMAs from offering cash or monetary incentives, promotions, prizes or bonuses to members of their downline or upline organizational members, or customers as a method of influencing customer acquisition.

To eliminate cross-line recruiting practices, the COMPANY strictly prohibits the use of cash or monetary incentives/promotions/prizes/bonuses for purposes of recruiting new IMAs.

The COMPANY has put in place a specific sales model and strongly encourages its IMAs to promote customer acquisition and recruiting by adhering to this sales model.

Territorial Rights/Conducting Business Across International Borders

IMAs can market services and products and sponsor new IMAs in any country where the COMPANY conducts business, without exclusivity. IMAs may only promote the COMPANY in countries where the COMPANY currently operates. The eComelize business currently restricts users from USA, Yemen, North Korea, Sudan and Iran to become IMAs.

IMAs conducting business in foreign countries must adhere to the COMPANY Policies and Procedures governing activities in that country. Furthermore, compensation will be based on the current Compensation Plan of that specific country and be subject to conversion to
EUR funds.

IMAs are responsible for knowing and adhering to all laws and accepted business practices in the countries they choose to market. This includes but is not limited to customs and immigration laws and accepted marketing practices.

Qualification Requirements for Payment

The COMPANY offers a variety of different ways that allows the IMA to earn income through its Compensation Plan. Some of these payment plans require that the IMA be Qualified for a rank. Qualification requirements are defined in the Compensation Plan. It is the responsibility of the IMA to continually check to make sure that they are qualified for each individual pay plan that requires qualifications. The COMPANY will not be obligated to pay for any pay plan when an IMA falls out of qualification.

General Rules

  • Always introduce and refer to yourself as an IMA. You must never give the impression that you represent the COMPANY in any way as an employee or official agent.
  • The use of eComelize’s logos and trademarks or service marks is strictly forbidden without prior, written approval from the COMPANY.
  • Make sure that when you design the material, it clearly shows that it is coming from you as an IMA and not produced by eComelize in any way shape or form.
  • You may use COMPANY written information that is commonly found in our current marketing materials but may not do so word for word without prior, written approval from the COMPANY as our materials are protected by copyright laws.
  • You must never make any promises of income.


You are free to sell a store merchant voucher at whatever price you choose; however, you are restricted from publishing any price other than our current retail price.

Business Cards

If you choose to make your own business cards you must follow these guidelines:

  • You may not use the eComelize logo, however, you may use the eComelize name.
  • Refer to yourself as an IMA.
  • Do not make any promises of income.


Direct Mail Pieces, Fliers and Brochures

IMAs will not be allowed to substitute their names on any materials that have been previously approved for other IMAs.

Photocopying of any marketing materials provided by eComelize, LLC. is not permissible, however, IMAs my print any current material that is provided by the company off of our website.


eComelize, LLC does not permit IMAs to send unsolicited e-mails. Any e-mail sent by an IMAs that promotes eComelize, the eComelize Opportunity, or eComelize products and services must comply with the following:

  • There must be a functioning return e-mail address to the sender that includes a request that future e-mail solicitations or correspondence not be sent to him or her (a functioning “opt-out” notice).
  • The use of deceptive subject lines and/or false header information is prohibited.
  • All opt-out requests, whether received by e-mail or regular mail, must be honored.
  • All emails sent that promote eComelize, its Opportunity or products, must adhere to all the other marketing and advertising guidelines in this policy.


Trademarks and Copyrights

The COMPANY will not allow the use of its trade names, trademarks, designs, photos, videos, audio recordings or symbols by any person, including a COMPANY IMA, without its prior, written permission. IMAs may not produce for sale or distribution any recorded company events and speeches without written permission from the COMPANY; nor may IMAs reproduce for sale or for personal use any recording of company-produced audio or video tape presentations.

Media and Media Inquiries

IMAs must not attempt to respond to media inquiries regarding the COMPANY, its products or their independent business. All inquiries by any type of media must be immediately referred to COMPANY Public Relations Department. This policy is designed to assure that accurate and consistent information is provided to the public as well as a proper public image.

The return of personal purchases cannot be returned by an IMA in an attempt to circumvent their monthly qualification requirements. Further, the company reserves the right to disallow any return for credit that was made in an apparent attempt to circumvent any qualification, commission or bonus plan that the company has offered.

Bonus Buying

“Bonus buying” includes: (a) the sponsoring of individuals or entities without the knowledge of and/or execution of an IMA Application and Agreement by such individuals or entities; (b) the fraudulent sponsoring or enrollment of an individual or entity as an IMA or customer; (c) the sponsoring or attempted sponsoring of non-existent individuals or entities as Distributors or customers (“phantoms”); or (d) the use of a credit card by or on behalf  of a Distributor or Customer when the IMA or customer is not the account holder of such credit card. Bonus buying constitutes a material breach of these Policies and Procedures and is strictly and absolutely prohibited.


The COMPANY supports the practice of Regional and local Training Events, "Personal Business Opportunity Meetings” and Private Business Receptions, as they are valuable educational tools when held properly with both professionalism and integrity. Under no circumstances are any type of meeting/training session intended to provide any additional income stream to those who are sponsoring the events and must be offered as non-profit activities at all times.

All Regionals, "Super Saturdays” private marketing events, or on-line webinars must be submitted to the COMPANY for approval in conjunction with the current terms of hosting such events. Events that do not receive prior approval will be considered operating outside of the COMPANY’s approval and philosophy and will not be promoted or endorsed by the company in any manner.

Attendance at COMPANY events is not a requirement for being an IMA, nor a prerequisite for success in this business.


The COMPANY reserves the right to pursue the remuneration of any legal or operational fees or the recovery for any damages as a result of any policy violation by the COMPANY IMAs. The COMPANY also reserves the right to recoup such costs from future bonuses, commissions or other payments.

Further Limitations

The COMPANY reserves the right to limit or disallow any marketing activities that cast negative aspersions on the integrity, truthfulness, and/or reputation of the COMPANY.

Transfer/Disposition of IMAs Business

An IMA’s position can be inherited or bequeathed but cannot be transferred or assigned during his or her lifetime without written consent of the COMPANY, which consent will not be unreasonably withheld. The COMPANY may charge a 1000€ transfer fee.

Upon the death or incapacity of an IMA, or of its principals, the rights to the commission and marketing position shall pass to the designated successor, provided said successor complies with all the terms of the COMPANY agreement, the COMPANY’s Policies and Procedures and fulfills the duties and obligations required of an IMA. In the case of a transfer to an existing IMA, or to an individual listed as a partner/shareholder/trustee in an existing IMA status, the individual will need to contact The COMPANY to discuss his/her options in either maintaining the status or transferring it. If the transfer is of a temporary nature (i.e. the IMA is temporarily incapacitated), the subsequent activation and deactivation will likewise be temporary.

Privacy Policy Personal Information

The COMPANY maintains a strong commitment to protecting the privacy of our customers and IMAs and their personal information. “Personal Information” means any information about an identifiable individual, other than business contact information. We protect that information. Unauthorized disclosure or access of personal information, including but not limited to account information or personal identification number, is a violation of the COMPANY’s Privacy Policy, and is strictly prohibited.

  • The IMA acknowledges that during the course of the performance of this Agreement, he or she will be provided or will be exposed to or will have access to personal information and that such personal information is confidential. The IMA agrees that such Personal Information will be collected, used and disclosed only for the purposes for which it was collected and only in relation to the provision of the COMPANY’s services or products or this Agreement, The IMA will safeguard such Personal Information by appropriate means and not, other than as required in relation to the provision of the COMPANY’s services or products, disclose, transfer, sell, assign, publish or otherwise make available any Personal Information for his/her own use or the use of any other third party except where disclosure may be required to comply with a subpoena, warrant, or court order, or if requested by a government institution which has the lawful authority to obtain the Personal Information, or if otherwise required by law.


  • Upon reasonable request, the IMA shall provide the COMPANY access to, and the right to inspect, any or all Personal Information collected, used or disclosed by the IMA during the course of the Agreement;
  • The IMA shall, at the prior written request of The COMPANY, promptly return any Personal Information and all copies thereof in any form whatsoever under their power or control to the COMPANY, and delete or destroy the personal information from all retrieval systems and databases as directed by the COMPANY and furnish to the COMPANY a certificate by the IMA or its legal representative that the deletion or destruction has occurred.
  • The IMA agrees to co-operate with the COMPANY in any regulatory investigation or in any internal investigation regarding any alleged privacy breach or complaint.


  • In order to ensure the special integrity of IMAs’ personal information, and to protect IMAs positions from unauthorized access, the COMPANY asks that all distributors adhere to the following procedures:
    • Only new IMAs shall complete the online IMAs Agreement.
    • An IMA’s upline or enroller should not complete any agreement on behalf of the distributors, or obtain account information, including position numbers and passwords.
    • IMAs account information and passwords should not be accessed by or provided to anyone but the IMA whose name appears on the IMA Agreement.



The rules and regulations outlined in this document are intended to protect the eComelize opportunity for all involved. Please follow the Terms of Service as well as the Policies and Procedures as set forth here to ensure that you are in compliance.

Please note that any infraction of these rules and regulations may result in suspension or immediate deactivation/termination of your status as an eComelize IMA.

It is the goal of the COMPANY to introduce our products to as many retail customers as possible with the purpose in mind of offering them a logical alternative. Coupled with this is our desire to help others achieve financial reward for being involved with us as an IMA.
The COMPANY desires to develop a long term, stable relationship of mutual respect, trust and integrity with our IMAs. By assisting our IMAs in achieving their goals and dreams, the COMPANY’s goal of establishing a long-lasting team will be realized.

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